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FURNITUR-BY LLC renders various production and technical services to legal or private entities, as well as individual entrepreneurs. Entrusting the work to our company, you will be assured of the consistently high quality of services, the best price and meeting the deadlines for the execution of the orders.

The list of work performed and services rendered:

✓ Galvanic service of the goods from iron or zinc (ZAMAK).
Galvanic finishing is carried out on automatic line drum type which produced by HAWAI (Italy).

Types (colors) of finishing:

Name of galvanic finishing

     Alternative name for galvanic finishing

Description of galvanic finishing


Zinc The goods are coated by zinc protect against corrosion. It is carried out with yellow or colorless passivation. Color: white or yellow matte.
The layer thickness is 1.5-3 microns.
Nickel Free Nickel / Nickel free The goods are coated by nickel for protective and decorative characteristics. Color: silver-white with steel tone.
The layer thickness is 2-4 microns.
Black nickel Black Nikel/ Dark grey nickel The goods are coated in the first by nickel and after make process of oxidizing. This finishing has protective and decorative characteristics. Color: From light grey till, dark grey with bright steel gloss.
The layer thickness is 2-4 microns.
Hot graphitation Groxide Spraying a graphitic-carbon mix in a protective environment on goods to give them decorative properties. Color: dark grey, near to black with steel and cold tone.
The layer thickness is 1-1,5 microns.
Oxide Brunito / Bronzato/
The creation of an oxide film on the surface of goods as a result of a oxidation-reduction reaction. Color: from dark gray to deep black, mostly matte.
The layer thickness is 2-4 microns.
Old brass Antic / ottone antic The goods are coated by brass, followed by patina, performed mechanically. The coating is protective and decorative. Color: from yellow with a patina to dirty yellow.
The layer thickness is 2-4 microns.

  ✓ Services for the paint coating of goods.
Painting is carried out in automatic complexes of the German company "ROTOVER" by spraying epoxy paints and mixing the goods in special drums. As a result, we get a stable and uniform coating on almost any surface. Coating color can be selected according to the RAL catalog.

  ✓ Services for varnishing parts by any kind of varnish. 
Protection of small parts in large quantities from corrosion can provide by varnishing.
Furnitur-BY LLC has unique technologies for coating parts by varnish without sticking effect. Methods of applying varnish depend on the tasks set by the customer and the characteristics of a particular material. Among the main ones:

■  dipping with barbotage;
■  pulsating spraying;
■  Ultrasonic deposition of varnish with a finely dispersed layer (a method that has no analogues in the Republic of Belarus).
Our company uses different kind of varnishes of German and Italian production, which guarantee a perfect result.

  ✓ Services for stamping goods on press machines by OMPSA and MASSINI with an effort of 25 tons, 40 tons and 50 tons.
  ✓ Service for die-casting and centrifugal casting according to customer’s samples from ZAMAK (zinc) alloy.
The injection volume of die-casting machines under pressure up to 250g. On the machines for centrifugal casting, it is possible to create “quick forms”, i.e. produce of goods according to the customer’s sample in 3-7 working days; the weight of the goods should not exceed 100 g.

  ✓ Barrel polishing and vibrating finishing services (wet, dry).
Polishing - machining of parts to remove burrs, smooth edges and partially polish the surface of products.

  ✓ Sandblasting services for small parts in drums with various abrasive materials (quartz, sand, corundum, etc).

  ✓ Services for laser-engraving printing of images and text on various materials (metal, plastic, wood).

  ✓ Services for the development of prototypes of products, including:

■ development of technical documentation (creation of drawings, sketches, product visualization);
■ printing photopolymer products on the latest high-resolution 3D printers;
■ printing photopolymer products on the latest high-resolution 3D printers.