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Customer support

Furnitur–BY LLC attaches much importance to high-quality service, technical support and maintenance of the customers on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and beyond it. Together with our partners, we are trying to improve our service and to enlarge the scope and range services provided. Our team members who are assigned to specific customers, directly in the field solve all the issues related to the delivery of goods, offer advises on the usage of materials and accessories and help in the selection of necessary equipment or tools. In the process of the advanced technologies implementation we, together with the foreign companies-manufacturers, provide information support, provide master classes and consult on technological issues by sending our technologists to factories of our partners.

Furnitur–BY LLC ensures prompt response to customer’s requests and guarantees a high skilled service for Your business. Our service is constantly accompanying You and in case our  help is required, You will get it immediately!

■ Giving professional advices on selection and use of accessories, components, materials; 
■ Giving professional advice on selection and determination of the best functionality of the equipment for accessories inserting; 
■ Rental services of the equipment intended for hardware and accessories installation;
■ Search/finding of various types of the equipment intended for footwear, sewing and haberdashery production under customer's technical requirements;
■ Professional consulting services provided by our technologists and technical specialists (mechanics, technicians, etc.) on the issues related to implementation, usage and installation of hardware, accessories, materials;
■ Logo typing and branding of accessories, components, materials of our customers in order to have a number of competitive advantages;
■ Services for modernization, training, installation and launch of various types of equipment for inserting the accessories;
■ Manufacture services of hardware and tools for inserting accessories on various types of the equipment (SPS, Famas, Celme, JO PE VI, Svit, international, etc.);
■ Organization of optimal logistics for the deliveries from China, India, Brazil, Mexico;
■ Organization of express deliveries of accessories, materials and components for the needs of our customers' production ("on the same day"/ "the next day").
Spare parts:

■ Furnitur-BY LLC produces and supplies high-quality equipment for inserting the accessories such as: eyelets, hooks, loops, rivets, etc. Nevertheless there are breakdowns during operation. We offer the original spare parts for the repair and modernization of the equipment;
■ The advantages of the original spare parts are that they are manufactured on the same lines as the new parts for the equipment and have the same strict quality control;
■ Original spare parts supplied by Furnitur-BY LLC secure you with guarantee, convenience and benefit! The constant availability of the main spare parts and consumables, as well as the fast deliveries, are the main principles of our supply service. We are striving to reduce downtime for your equipment. In addition, we can insure you by offering replacement equipment.