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Zipper slider

Slider (lock or puller) - the movable part of the zipper, providing the opening and closing of the links (teeth) of the zipper.
The slider consists of two elements:
1. Lock - provides connection or disconnection of zipper;
2. Slider (puller) - this is the "handle" of the slider.
Different types of zippers require different types of sliders:
- Haberdashery:
It is used when sewing bags and other haberdashery products, where fixing the runner along the zipper is not important, but smooth running and appearance are important, because haberdashery runners look smaller and more accurate than automatic runners.
- Automatic:
They have a mechanism inside for fixing on any part of the zipper. As a rule, they are a bit more massive than haberdashery; such runners are suitable for shoes, outerwear and various equipment.
- Semiautomatic devices:
Unlike automatic runners, they do not contain an internal mechanism that blocks the course. To fix, you need to fix the slider with a stopper on the slider. Often used when sewing jeans.
The runners come in different sizes that fit certain types of zippers. The color or coating of the slider is matched to the color of the zipper link. Specialists of FURNITUR-BY LLC will help you choose a kit of rolled zippers and sliders that meets your exact requirements

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